Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020

Caitríona Sheedy


Caitríona Sheedy is an Irish artist inquiring into the nature of our experience of being and consciousness. Through a process of intention, attunement and a translation of the unseen world of feeling, emotion, energy and vibration through her art.

This work is about strengthening our ability as individuals while celebrating diversity.

My practice has been processing to bring through resolution. Having explored the effects of power structures in our society past and present, our emotional structure and states of being. It has been concerned with the process of transforming denser or stuck emotion. 

Each piece of work brings recognition in a process and can support in offering a resonance to support reflection. Identifying resonance and frequency and our ability to effect and be effected. The practice is in coming into wholeness, moment to moment, recognizing the patterns or emotion that has created our current reality and intentionally creating the conditions that support our thriving.

Caitríona Sheedy  -

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