Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021


Colm Scanlon


Colm is young, dynamic, enigmatic and a new age computer professional working in the corporate space in Limerick. He is an engineer by education and profession and is always up to date with the current technology spectrum. Living in the modern day, he is no stranger to the demands and pressures of a very high paced life.

He was looking to get rid of the chronic ulcers and allergies and was introduced to Pranic Healing. He has always been interested in the energy and its effects and application in various areas of life. He decided to give it a go and saw brilliant results. This compelled him to learn more about the subject and practice the techniques himself.

Using Pranic Healing he discovered he was able to help himself, his family members and his others around him. He loved the very practical approach taught in the subject and that Pranic Healing was easy to learn, so much so that he decided to start teaching Pranic healing in Ireland.

He has been a Pranic Healing Instructor for more than 5 years now and teaches in various parts of Ireland and runs healing clinics to help as many people as he can to get rid of various ailments. He also gives practical tips and techniques to his patients. His approach helps people to sustain the results of healings and the techniques help them to resolve the root causes of the problems, hence making daily life very energetic, joyful and successful. He is very friendly and approachable and people from all spheres of life.

His mastery on the subject makes him an amazing speaker & teacher who makes application of Pranic healing very easy to learn, practice and excel. His classes are very informative, practical and fun and fill his students with confidence to use the teaching to transform their lives and of others around them.‚Äč

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