Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October


Identity Orientated PsychoTrauma Theory and Therapy (IoPT)


IoPT invites you to explore a groundbreaking therapy of radical self-enquiry. Finally, a method which allows you to fully be in your power and connect with your deep desire to explore and be the true you...the essence of your birthright.

By creating your intention of enquiry you set your intention and become your own observer of hidden aspects of yourself. These parts can often be in the driving seat of your life and hold you back from living a fuller life in the authenticity of who you really are.

Over a day or weekend, you work with others in a small closed group setting (6-10) where all present are in service to each other. You decide what you want to explore through a sentence, question or image, trusting your own inner wisdom. This work allows you to connect with and integrate hidden parts of yourself which have been too confused or afraid to be seen...waiting and longing for you...all held in your body.

Why do I offer Integrative IoPT facilitation?

Since 2006 I have worked as a craniosacral therapist and equine assisted therapy facilitator and channel for self-healing. At my CST clinic, I specialise in mother and baby therapy and the family unit. I have always been drawn to the felt sense of the implicit, which is how we hold preverbal memories and experiences. Identity development work is based on the work of Dr Franz Ruppert (Read More) and is a developed, tried and tested methodology. I focus on the body and guide people to anchor their self-discovery to stay in awareness of the new transitions.

What is resonance based work?

Resonance based work based on the theory that all information of morphic resonance.

Morphic resonance, (according to the theory developed by Rupert Sheldrake, British biologist b.1942) a paranormal influence by which a pattern of events or behaviour can facilitate subsequent occurrences of similar patterns. Similar forms (morphs, or "fields of information") reverberate and exchange information within a universal life force.

People and animals can be in service this ‘field’ too. This work is a fast track to your non- conscious and aspects in you which control you in a desperate attempt for you to connect with and integrated. We can also see where we have identified with trans-generational trauma at the cost of our own lives. This talk will present the theories behind the methodology of IoPT.

 “Everything you need to know for your own trauma healing is within you. You can access it when you are ready to take the risk.”

“All we need to process traumas are stored in our body and appears in this practice when we need it.”


Deirdre Kennedy

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