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Deirdre Kennedy

Deirdre Kennedy


Hello and welcome to some information on me and my journey to now.

My career started in the business world. I was working in Belgium and lost my job so I took up teaching as a foreign language which I did for 10 years.

Following a traumatic car accident in I was led to the gentleness of craniosacral therapy (CST).

Cst was a window to reach my inner world of withheld trauma including the shock of the accident, multiple 12-hour surgeries, and denial of how I really felt about so much happening to me at such a young age (20 years). In 1997 I collapsed from burnout working abroad and had to surrender to myself and allow healing to take place in its own time.

CST not only helped in my recovery from chronic illness and pain, it also helped me connect with some deep wounds held from experiences from conception through my experience in the womb and my isolation of being ever present to the sadness and grief of my parents for having lost their first born baby (1 year) two weeks after my birth.

When I experienced the deep healing and insights I received from CST I trained to an advanced level with the Upledger Institute (and facilitated students in their training). I worked in multiple 5 days CST programmes in the USA, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. (

I also trained as an equine CST therapist. Post-graduation includes CST brain and trauma, biodynamic CST training, specialised VAGUS nerve training and protocols for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

I also have three different qualifications in Equine facilitated work.

I trained in IoPT Facilitation Advanced with Dr Franz Ruppert, the developer of the work. (Read More)

I trained in non-violent communication (Read More) and ‘Focusing’ (Read More). Other CPD includes Dan Segal, Gabor Mate, Family Constellation.

As well as a CST clinic where I specialise in babies and birth trauma I have also worked as a study group facilitator for students of CST. I have worked with trauma and systemic illness with family constellations. I run equine facilitated workshops for personal development, team building, self-awareness and psychosomatic blockage release and integration. I also treat children with special needs on a one-to-one basis with my horses and dogs.

I was secretary and chairperson of the regulatory body for CST over 10 years. I had the IACST transferred to a limited liability professional body and had its website you see today put together with a supportive committee. I am on the committee for the national organisation for equine facilitated work in Ireland and presented at the 2013 conference. See

I have been a horse lover all my life and have ridden, worked, competed and taken care of horses for 40 years. I also trained and qualified in equine facilitated learning and therapy from the USA (Arianna Strozzi), EAGALA and I am one of the first graduates of the first year-long EFL coaching programmes. I am a member of founding EFETA, the umbrella organisation for all equine facilitated work including therapeutic riding equine facilitated psychotherapy and equine facilitated learning. My main area of interest is horse welfare and I want to teach those in the horse world to better understand the communication from horses to better the relationship between human and horse. I would consider myself a forerunner in the new area of equine facilitated craniosacral therapy following my work with a herd of horses in the USA since 2006. I have two rescue horses with my team of four at home where I specialise in equine facilitated work with children with special needs, family constellations and the corporate world in leadership and team building.

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