Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

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Detecting and Overcoming Viruses - Istvan Hrepka


Scientific research has proven the role of viruses in the development of cancer! Andras Kovács-Magyar, the inventor of our time, found the key to the solution in the science of alchemy which is the legacy of our Lord Jesus and the Knights Templar…

- Detecting and overcoming viruses
- The nature of viruses and the information method to defeat them
- Genetic clearance of viruses, fungi and parasites from the human body
- Controlling our self-healing processes with Matrix Drops information
- Information pattern recognition by Matrix Drops Computer
- Epigenetics, environmental effects
- Quantum world, quantum human perception
- Black hole, white hole, dimension gates in our human being
- Physical quantities, information qualities
- A common language for minerals, plants, animals and man
- Creator information as a new principle
- The battle of light and darkness in human thought
- Matrix Drops Protocol – the art of living

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Istvan Hrepka 

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