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Down Dog Studios

Down Dog Studios


DOWN DOG STUDIOS HOT YOGA AND YOGA TRAPEZE TRAINING Working with a yoga trapeze is an effective way to give your spine traction, a tried-and-true method for easing chronic lower back pain. Specifically, traction pulls your spine apart instead of compressing it, opening and lengthening your spine for feel-good vibes. Yoga Trapeze is a full body work out, mixing TRX, Yoga and Inversions, it is a fun and revolutionary way to get fit and keep your spine healthy.

Come visit our stand to sign-up for a trial Trapeze taster session and get know more about our training courses, retreats, products and events.

200h Yoga Alliance Hot Yoga/Vinyasa Teacher Training
50h Yoga Alliance Hot Yoga Training for Yoga Teachers - Learn the 26x2 Bikram Sequence
50h Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training for Fitness Professionals
Yoga Retreats

At Down Dog Stand, you will also find a whole range of yoga accessories, t-shirts, jewellery, diffusers, oils, gem bottles, trapezes and mats for sale.

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