Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Gillian McIlroy

Gillian McIlroy from Collective Cork


I am a yoga teacher and artist from Co Antrim, now teaching in Cork. My yoga journey began in my late teens with my mother, her books and my curiosity and impatience. In 2006 I began studying under Kushala Camarena while I lived in Mexico City and yoga became an essential part of my wellbeing. I returned to Mexico to complete my 200hr yoga teacher training with him in 2012.

In my classes, I intend to convey that what happens in the body happens in the mind and that there is no need to force where there could be ease. Learning how to release unnecessary tension and stress through awareness of the body is a big part of my teaching and there is always a lovely deep relaxation at the end.

Collective cork

We are yogis and dancers, what we do is our passion, and the best we have to share with this world. Our primary objective is to impart what we have learned and help the wider community to move, breathe and be well. We have come together because we share this ethos and this community focus. We are friendly and accessible avoiding elitism in favour of true inclusivity. Our Space is on the 2nd floor of the Triskel Art Centre.

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