Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Helena Palmer

Helena Palmer from Collective Cork


I've been exploring the world of yoga since 2008, and free-form movement, for most of my life. Moving the body is really my medicine. In the past three years, I've started to immerse myself into the dance world which has helped me look at structure and freedom within movement from a different perspective. My background is in Hatha yoga, which is the practice of the physical postures with traditional practices including the breath (Pranayama Practice), and sound (Mantra practice), and the philosophies. It is in these practices that I find my joy with yoga, and my wish to share it. My class will be primarily Hatha, aspects of flow will trickle with long deep relaxations!

This world can be a rat race, busy being a buzz word, I feel it's crucial to have yoga that slows us down so we can create equilibrium in our lives.

Collective cork

We are yogis and dancers, what we do is our passion, and the best we have to share with this world. Our primary objective is to impart what we have learned and help the wider community to move, breathe and be well. We have come together because we share this ethos and this community focus. We are friendly and accessible avoiding elitism in favour of true inclusivity. Our Space is on the 2nd floor of the Triskel Art Centre.

Yoga Dance‚Äč

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