Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October

iet healing with angels

Integrated Energy Therapy®IET -  Gretta Murphy


Integrated Energy Therapy®IET - Healing with Angels with Gretta Murphy, International Spiritual Teacher & Healer IET Master-Instructor, Trainer & Author. 

1. How IET changed my Life – an answer to my Prayer in the Garden

2. What IET can do for you, your loved ones or/and your career.

3. With guidance from me, you will take a partner and share the Angelic Heartlink with another, first giving and then receiving. Then, feel the difference, the powerful healing!

4. I will guide you through the Stargate Technique – we will release Earthbound Souls to the Light, anyone who has died suddenly, through an accident, suicide or other.

5. Questions & Answers.‚Äč

EARLY ACCESS TO THE VENUE: As this class starts at 10 am, those wishing to participate should please arrive outside the venue from 9.30 onwards and make yourself known to a member of staff and you will be allowed early access to the event.

Gretta Murphy

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