Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October

Imelda Lyons

Imelda Lyons M.A., B.Sc. Psych., H.D.Ed., RCYT, RYT-200


Imelda Lyons is the trainer behind Mindful Eating Cork. She offers very popular and successful courses on the topic of Mindful Eating along with private sessions. She believes that the current obesity crisis is entirely reversible, when one employs the tools of conscious presence and intuitive action into one’s eating experience.

Mindful Eating involves re-thinking the area of problematic or emotional eating patterns and finding alternative methods of comfort seeking while using food to only respond to actual physical hunger. There are no ‘good foods’ or ‘bad foods’ although the teaching promotes ‘real’ food as opposed to processed food.

Imelda holds a Masters in French Psychoanalytic literature(2008), a B.Sc in Psychology (2013), a Higher Diploma in Education (2003) and a BA in European Studies (2000). She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga teacher (2013) and a Yoga Alliance Registered Hatha Yoga teacher (2017).

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