Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020

Infinite Arts - Exhibitor

Infinite Arts


The practice of Infinite Arts cultivates a vibrant physical form through tai chi, chi kung and chi yoga. These are energetic practices which, when done on a daily basis, cultivate radiant Chi and remove blockages from the meridians, or energy channels of the body, to keep Chi flowing freely.

Infinite Meditation is unique in that it is internal energy work also: you could call it a form of Internal Chi Kung. In a similar fashion, the focus is on opening the Chakras in daily meditation that with continuous practice become a foundation for more advanced practice. Thus the pure Chi is able to flow through the entire energetic system of meridians and chakras. Regular practice ensures it remains so. This is how to foster a dear, open mind, emotional equilibrium, and physical radiance! This benefits everyone, wherever they are at - the young and old, the healthy and sick.

Awareness is now liberated from its trappings, and with continues Infinite Arts practice, expansion of consciousness is assured through meditation and contemplation. This happens naturally.

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Irina Popova‚Äč

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