Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021


Introduction to Yoga – Strahil Mihaylov


Yoga arises in antiquity as a system of methods and practices aimed at the liberation of human consciousness. For the practitioner of Yoga, this is a process of realizing the individualized consciousness as part of the universal consciousness and reaching the natural state of integrity and equilibrium.

The origin of Yoga is believed to be around 1500 BCE when it was mentioned for first the in the Vedic texts. However, there is evidence that this teaching is much older and existed before Indian civilization.

Yoga includes multiple practices like postures, breathing techniques, gestures (mudras), chanting of sacred sounds (mantras), relaxation and meditation. Meditation is considered as its primary and most efficient tool to decrease the constant fluctuations in the mind and restore peace and harmony in our lives.

Strahil Mihaylov

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