Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October

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Joanne Carla Eddie (Sacred Elemental)


“Birth Light, Magic & Miracles into the Everyday”

Joanne is a registered Teacher & Practitioner, as well as a Mystery School graduate in the unique 7th-dimensional frequency modality of Transference Healing(R). Having overcome many of life’s challenges, Joanne has learned to embrace her uniqueness and spiritual gifts. Her path has been to claim and reconnect to her soul’s light, her magic and her original true self. Transference Healing ® has been essential in accomplishing this - gifting rapid healing and transformation, change, spiritual growth and ascension.

Joanne is honoured to help and empower her clients at every stage of their healing and ascension journey. She does this through healing sessions for individual /groups (in-person & absentee) and facilitating TH Training workshops.

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Transference Healing Exhibitor Stand

Magic, Mystery, Miracles

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