Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Kate Foy

Kate Foy


Kate is a voluntary meditation, stress relief and life skills teacher with the International Humanitarian Organisation: Art of Living (

A full time post primary teacher registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland, Kate has been involved in youth work for over 20 years. With a post grad Diploma in Special Educational Needs, she is also committed to helping students who learn differently to fulfil their potential.

In recent years, Kate has facilitated the introduction of the ART OF LIVING HAPPINESS PROGRAM in Cork and Waterford. This 9 hour short course teaches simple, natural, holistic yet highly effective breathing techniques which help calm the nervous system, increase focus, aid memory and overall encourage a happier and more productive self. She firmly believes that achieving peace and harmony within oneself is the first step to building a sense of peace. belonging and community for all.

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