Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October


Macha Shewolf - Medicine Woman


Macha, Irish, an International travelling practitioner, started her path as a child and as she reached her teens she was already studying holistic health and shamanism in 2002, her studies continued and with a large range of qualifications underneath her, she has been working in Cork, Ireland and abroad.

Sharing her work via Workshops, Events, 1;1 Transformational work, Vlogs, Teachings. Her skills only continue to increase as she is undergoing constant CPD workshops. her deep passion is working with the planet and all things on it for the better ecosystem.

Find out more about Macha on Facebook: ShewolfMedicineWoman

Somatic Shamanic Movement​

Light Language & Demo​

Macha Shewolf & Lukasz Shivaya​

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