Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020

Macha Shewolf & Lukasz Shivaya

"Ritual" Tattoo & Holistic Temple - Macha Shewolf & Lukasz Shivaya


"Ritual" Tattoo & Holistic Temple Is home of holistic practice where ritual and deep healing take place. Macha & Lukasz work from a rooted spiritual practice to offer transformation.


Macha Shewolf

Macha an Irish woman, has devoted a lifetime to offer a multitude of healing practices to the world. Her devotion is continuous.

Our world we live in today is happening fast without people even noticing it. My practice is to bring people back to themselves to find the answers the guidance and healing to move forward with more focus and clarity “

I use so many amazing tools that have been offered to me, to guide the world in harmonic stability.

My practice is
Shamanic & Natural Medicine
Spiritual Counselling
Sound healing / Light Language
Traditional Herbalism / Plant Communications
Nature Medicine – Music / Dance / Quests
Energy Work / Bodywork
Craniosacral / Somatic Therapy
Tantra / Sacred Sexuality
Animal Communications / Equine Bodywork
Intuitive Healing – Natural Medicine Aprentaship
Workshop, Facilitator & Teacher.

More Information at Facebook: ShewolfMedicineWoman

Macha Shewolf​


Lukasz Shivaya

Lukasz has followed a path of artistic nature and delved within the sacred practice of tattooing. His work is inspired by sacred geometry and love of visionary art.

He believes that every aspect of life is sacred and should be looked upon as a ritual.

Find him on Instagram: Omnamashivaya 

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