Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October


Transference Healing ®- Magic Mystery Miracles - Joanne Carla Eddie


Learn about the incredibly powerful and magical 7th-dimensional frequency modality of Transference Healing(R). This is a modality for the future. It is comprised of sound, light, crystal, colour, Masters, grids, sacred geometry and ancient Egyptian mystery school technology.

Be introduced to the “Child of Light” healing and frequency which offers profound healing, stability and grounding to all the new children (since 2012), and also clears depths of inner child pain in adults.

Joanne holds a safe and sacred space and will guide the group through a couple of meditations to feel these divine TH frequencies - a shamanic journey utilizing the energetically alive “Animal Magic” cards and also a “Child of Light Meditation/Healing”.

Joanne Carla Eddie

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