Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020


Mary Harte - The Archangel Michael Healing Room


My journey started in 2003 when an angel appeared at the foot of my two year old son’s cot. This led me on a healing journey after discovering that it was Archangel Gabriel, telling me I had a natural gift of healing and to use my gift to better mankind. I am now an I.E.T Master, Angelic Reiki Master, Medium, Spiritual Healer, Bio Energy & Systematic Kinesiologist and I offer Card Readings, Access Bars treatment, Guided Meditations, Crystal Healing, Psychic Laser Therapy, Quantum Jumping, Divining with rods and Pendulums, Food Intolerance Testing & House Clearings. I also host Holistic Retreats and Wellness Weekends.

Contact Mary on 087 7690274

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