Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

MASTERing  Your Mind'

MASTERing  Your Mind' - Danielle Serpico


Discover a whole new world of possibilities...
A new perspective on life
More opportunities
Better Choices

Once you know a more beneficial way to communicate with yourself and others your world improves. 

What you will gain from attending…

• Insight into how others think and being able to read them better.
• Ability to have better business and personal relationships.
• Rapport building skills.
• Persuasion, influence & sales skills.
• More effective communication.
• A better attitude to deal with obstacles and adversity.
• An understanding of how your mind works and how you strategise.
• More confidence and self-belief.
• Clearer focus, determination and motivation.

Acquire the Blackbelt Mindset for your Health, Wellbeing and Happiness!

YOU will take back control, plan out your future timeline and take more beneficial action in your life!

Danielle Serpico

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