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Physical and spiritual treatment with programmed waters and the higher quality of life they bring was the privilege of the aristocracy in ancient times. It was recorded about St. Mary Magdalene that she produced water programmed with gems just like Jesus had done and she used them for healing. Alchemists stopped the epidemics with similar products in Europe, and Count Saint Germain owed his magical youth and extra-long age to such products.

This mystical secret was uncovered again, and the special waters – drops – programmed with gems have been available to everyone since December 21st, 2012. Their name in the new era is Matrix Drops.

The modern digital world has not only made the production of programmed water more effective, but it has also allowed the development of a device unknown until now. It is a computer operating on quantum physical principles that is able to see into the human soul and into thoughts and feelings. It explores the painful memories of our past, problems in the present as well as it is also able to anticipate future trends, too. In addition, it can also show a way out of the problems by choosing harmonizing information and programs i.e. Matrix Drops products.

The Matrix Drops Computer, similar to a mobile phone or digital camera, uses Fourier functions during its operation. However, while the former ones convert sounds and images, the Matrix Drops Computer converts our thoughts, feelings, memories and the vibrations of our soul into mathematical functions. With its special sensors, it scans the fine regions of our soul, filters the information distortions and converts the resulting mathematical functions into words and sentences helping us understand ourselves better.

Avalon Magic Health is the authorized distributor of the complete Matrix Drops product line worldwide. The company’s mission is to make these products available to everyone around the world.

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