Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Morag Mackay

Morag Mackay


I have been practising Metamorphic Technique® for over 30 years. Over the years I attended many workshops with Gaston Saint-Pierre, the Founder of Metamorphic Technique®, and completed my teacher training with him in East Germany in 1996.

Gaston not only founded the Metamorphic Technique® but also the Metamorphic Association, which became an Educational Charitable Trust in 1984, and is the Governing Body for Metamorphic Technique®.

I was privileged to have Gaston not only as my teacher and mentor but also as a very dear friend and it is my ongoing pleasure to continue to share this wonderful teaching with others as he did with me.

As well as teaching workshops I also currently manage the Metamorphic Association together with the current Director of the Association, Eddie O’Brien.

Eddie and I also deliver the Continued Education Events and the ongoing Teacher Training for our Members in Ireland, the UK and Internationally.

For further information about Metamorphic Technique® or the Metamorphic Association please go to

You can contact me at or 086 364 5229

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