Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October

My Life My Health My choice

My Life My Health My choice - Deirdre Kennedy


My Life My Health My choice Integrative Identity orientated Identity Development (IoPT) Presented by Deirdre Kennedy


Presentation of the theoretical basis of IoPT and case studies
Followed by Questions and answers.

Who ist his for?

Anyone who wants to connect to their authentic self and integrate non-conscious driving forces which come at a cost to living our lives fully, our health and relationships.

IoPT works with patterns held in the body as any symptoms, pain, illness, blockages, self-denial, depression, decision making, family entanglements, feelings of being stuck and not good enough.

By coming in contact with our non-conscious psyche we can begin to exit our trauma biography and choose OUR lives...

Were we conceived, borne, birthed and partented as unique beings?

Did we grow in a womb that experienced a miscarriage, abortion or stillborn., or even multigenerational losses and secrets?
Did we have difficult pregnancies and births with our own children?
Are we considering having children in a conscious way Do we have difficulty in becoming pregnant?

Look at the experiences which have shaped our lives. 

Deirdre Kennedy

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