Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021


Nora Creed


My name is Nora Creed, I am a practitioner and Teacher of Transference Healing. As a child I was very sensitive and developed coping mechanisms to deal with my sensitivity, eg leave my body when situations got emotionally too hard, consequently I could not feel anything. When both my parents died the same year I felt nothing. I had no real connection with anyone my fight and flight was turned on and never turned off. I found Transference Healing® in 2011 and slowly but surely by running energy, attending workshops, having upgrades I began to reconnect back to my self, I began to feel my emotions, for the very first time as the old suppressed childhood emotions began to lift and the constant state of stress lessened.

Today I am happier, healthier and have more energy than I have ever had in my life. I can cry and have empathy for other people's struggles. As a channel for TH I can support others to release their suppressed emotions that have kept them in fear and illusion, in physical and emotional pain, stopping them from reaching their true potential. I can through workshops give you tools that you can use on yourself and your family to release stress, exhaustion, overwhelm, physical and emotional pain, helping you go beyond where you are at into freedom, passion, enthusiastic about life. Transference Healing can empower you to take control of your families health and your life circumstances.

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