Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October

rainer puehringer

Rainer Puehringer


I was born in Linz a mid-size Town in Austria and went to a Catering College in my late teens. Working in my learned profession as a chef made me look for more balance in my life. I moved in 2004 to New Zealand and started Tai Chi to deal with the stress in Hospitality. Benefiting from Tai Chi I was looking for a True Teacher and a few years later I came across Yuan Tze.

Seeing the benefits of Qi Gong on myself and others made me become a Teacher. I have been teaching friends and family for a few years before I moved to Ireland in 2015. It is a beautiful thing, sharing with the students and passing on the knowledge to them, to Improve their lives and wellbeing and learning and growing with them together.

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Yuan Qigong Demonstration‚Äč

Working on your pattern of the consciousness to a Happier and calmer you

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