Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

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REALAXATION® - Created by Leon Eeman and revisited by Christopher Freeland


We often hear people saying “Just relax!” Quite right! Of course, you know that you should relax, but has anyone ever told you how to do so, or even why? Probably not! This Realaxation® system is the result of many years of research into suffering of all kinds - physical, metaphysical, mental, spiritual and things (fortunately) forgotten. This research was conducted by a number of people, foremost of whom is Leon E.Eeman. Incredibly simple, so extremely difficult, it can be understood in an hour or so with a demonstration of three very straightforward postures. The greatest benefit is gained if used regularly, requiring only three minutes of your time, preferably morning and evening.

Christopher has taught this unique protocol for ten years in Asia and Europe, at the Six Senses, Four Seasons and various spas & resorts. It is a matter of consciously giving instructions to the nerves of the autonomic system to release tension once detected, so moving out of the catabolic (energy-consuming) fight-or-flight mode, into the anabolic (energy-restoring) parasympathetic mode.

EARLY ACCESS TO THE VENUE: As this class starts at 10 am, those wishing to participate should please arrive outside the venue from 9.30 onwards and make yourself known to a member of staff and you will be allowed early access to the event.

DR. Christopher Freeland

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