Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020

Remedy Roots

Remedy Roots


Remedy Roots is tasty loose leaf herbal tea blends that make you feel great inside and out.

It’s difficult to remember to take care of yourself. It’s common for you to get worn down or stressed, to not sleep properly and to get ill more than you should. When that happens, it’s easy to pop a tablet or a supplement without thinking about it. You do it because you’ve seen an advert or because it’s next to the toothpaste when you do your food shopping.

You know that people struggle to be aware of what goes into their bodies. But, you’re not really sure what the alternative is.

But what if it was really easy and fun to learn about what you put into your body? What if you could create your own remedies for stress, tiredness or illness from natural ingredients that you can grow in your garden? Or if you don’t have time for that, what if you could remedy all of those things just by drinking tasty organic tea?

Then you’d know exactly what you were putting into your body. And you’d be enjoying it, so it wouldn’t feel like a chore or something beyond your control.

Remedy Roots are going to make it easy to know exactly what goes into your body. They’ll consider themselves a success when they’ve built an enthusiastic community of people with the same ideals & goals around health. They’ll come together to enjoy simple, tasty & health beneficial foods as part of their everyday lives.

For more information visit www.remedyroots.comFacebook & Instagram

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