Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy


Sean McCarthy DBTh MIRCH is a qualified medical herbalist who has been in practice near Blarney Co Cork for a decade.

His journey started when, as a Crohns patient in the late nineties, he was told that if he had another acute attack within three months he would have to consider a bowel re-section.

He chose to go the natural way instead and after overcoming a lot of his Crohns challenges with herbal medicine began to study with the International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homeopaths.

One of the superfoods he was put on during his recovery was green tea but Sean, like many others, didn’t really like the taste of many of the products on the market. He went about changing that by creating his own instant green tea range which includes herbs he uses regularly in his practice

Because of his own expertise in herbal medicine and autoimmune diseases he has worked successfully with many patients with similar problems.

Sean has, over the last two years, begun to work with Transition Year students in Cork schools on the seven dimensions of wellness and will do so again this school year.

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