Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October


Shiatsu interactive talk and explanation - Diana Cassidy


Have you ever thought about how we take care of our bodies? In a lot of cases we actually treat our cars better – we give them regular servicing and attention.

Our bodies usually only see a medically trained person when a health issue arises. Having regular Shiatsu treatments can - not only help to sustain a good quality of health, but also return the body to a better state of health.

Unlike massage, Shiatsu is given through clothing and uses the meridians and points that are associated with acupuncture as well as stretching and other mobility techniques. It is individually suited to work with the person and is not a ‘one size fits all’ therapy.

A Shiatsu practitioner has to attend 500 hours of study and complete a series of practical and theoretical tests before being certified by the Shiatsu Society of Ireland as a fully qualified practitioner.

Drop into the talk and find out more about this amazing bodywork form and experience some simple ideas for home use and also find out how acupoints can help on a first aid basis.

Diana Cassidy

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