Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020


Shiatsu & Well-being – The importance of looking after your own health - Tricia Frost


Have you ever wondered why me? I never did until I got a diagnosis of Breast Cancer back in August 2016. I thought I was reasonably healthy and fit, better than most, I thought. Loved my Shiatsu and all things alternative. Loved good food - but now I know I didn’t know the meaning of good food. Loved giving Shiatsu but never allowing myself the spare time to receive it.

I believe if I had just tweaked my lifestyle and understood my body better I would be sitting in a different place now.

My journey has been at times very lonely with minimum support because I made the decision to turn down conventional medicine. That is why I think it is time for my story to be heard. I do not claim to have all the answers, I am presently researching, experimenting and living each day as well as I can.

I welcome this opportunity to share what I have discovered to date and how making simple changes can bring you energy and health.

Tricia Frost 

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