Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

sinead o sullivan presenter Cork Mind Body Experience

Sinead O’Sullivan


Sinead is committed to working with any person who is drawn to the multi-dimensional frequencies of Transference Healing®, and who chooses to work consciously on this level. She is especially interested in working with children and those who experience painful issues, due to her own childhood feelings of being on the wrong planet, and not understanding why humans were so unkind to one another. She understands what it is to wrestle with the inner darkness that prevents us from accepting and expressing our true selves and to deal with the lack of self-worth that goes hand in hand with experiencing deep trauma in our lives. She has a personal life experience of depression, suicide and suicidal tendencies, sexual, relationship, intimacy, boundary and addiction issues.

The journey into the depths of our I AM can be very painful at times, but as we work through our issues, we gain more clarity and insight. The process of balancing our male and female aspects through the technology of the kundalini and healing our disconnection from the 'Light' brings up many challenges as we clear distorted patterning from our DNA, cells, etheric and light bodies. When we work on this level, deep fear and grief are released and self-mastery and empowerment naturally arise in Divinely orchestrated timing. Our gifts and talents begin to birth and as we become more anchored into our spiritual reality, our Light shines brighter and brighter.

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