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DO YOU HAVE SORE FEET? By Eibhlin Robinson, Step Forward Ireland

Many people wear Orthotics …. Arch Support Insoles, which fit into your shoes. Our Orthotics The “ Soft Step” are somewhat different and are much more effective than the traditional concept of orthotics. Why? Well, they are pre-formed, but, formed in the shape of a healthy foot structure, therefore, they are a replica of how the bone structure of the human foot should lie.

Rather than make a mould of an imbalanced or unhealthy shaped foot and making an orthotic to suit the imbalanced foot, we want the “imbalanced” foot to conform to the shape of our “Soft Step” Orthotic, which it does with relative ease and a short break-in period.

There is no further improvement on design possible as they are ultimately the anatomically correct shape of a healthy human foot.

All our feet, basically, should look the same, just different sizes. It’s when the structure has gone out of alignment that the problems arise.

Built into the design are supports for the 3 arches, yes, 3 weight bearing arches and as the name suggests our Orthotics are ‘soft’, in that they are flexible, so they move with the foot and work/exercise all the muscle groups within the foot.

This strengthens the overall structure whilst re-aligning the overall posture at the same time. It helps to distribute the weight more efficiently and allows a better “roll through” and “push off”.

The “Soft Step” Orthotics are manufactured in the U.S.A. and the design has not been changed for over 44 years. There is no need to change the design as they work so effectively.

Many of the people we assess and fit in our clinics have previously had orthotics of various designs and they find that ours are much more comfortable and easy to wear and, of course, most importantly they alleviate a lot of their aches, pains and discomforts.

Coming in at a cost of only €350 per pair most people tell us that it’s the best money they have ever spent. This outlay is minimised when you count up the amount of money people spend on shoes or treatments, looking to relieve pain and gain comfort. The shoes are not the problem, usually, it’s the feet! So, for an initial outlay of less than €1 a day for one year, you can achieve this with ease.

The “Soft Step” Orthotics have a very long lifespan, so will last for a number of years, often up to 10 years or more. They can be worn in almost any type of footwear, running shoes, sports shoes, work wear, sandals, heels up to 2-3" etc.

The “Soft Step” Orthotics are particularly designed to give relief from directly related foot issues such as Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Callouses, Hammer Toes (Hammer toes won’t rectify 100% but will relieve discomfort) , Pronation which is a “leaning in” pressure on the ankle and Supination (leaning out), High Arches and of course Fallen Arches.

They also go a long way towards reducing pains in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, neck & shoulders, because, when the foot structure is re-aligned, the bodies weight is much more evenly distributed over the arches of the feet, which has a knock-on effect on the overall posture.

Copy and Paste this article in case your family or friends miss it or you need it in the future.

“Look after your feet now … and your feet will look after you later”

Take a “Step in the Right Direction” today and make an appointment to call Step Forward Ireland, Glasnevin Clinics in Dublin, or our Satellite Clinic in Athlone Town.

Tel: 086-8309392 or 086-8308757 … you and your feet should feel the benefits in a short time.

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