Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Strahil Mihaylov - Presenter

Strahil Mihaylov RYS200


Strahil has been initiated 13 years ago in the dynastic lineage of Kriya Yoga by his teacher Shibendu Lahiri. The tremendous wisdom and purity of this ancient teaching inspired him to learn further the secrets of Hatha Yoga and he spent 6 years in the East removing one by one the obstacles in his body and mind with the only purpose to attain liberation.

For Strahil Yoga is a science, a sacred science of body and mind. To realize the individual manifest self as an integral part of the universal unmanifested Self is its goal. Therefore his students feel encouraged to be explorers, rather than followers.

Using a personalized approach, modern medical knowledge and traditional Hatha Yoga methods, Strahil treats his students with love and compassion and helps them to live a healthy and holistic life.

You can read more about his classes Here.

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