Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020


The Future Is In Our Hands - Mary Breach


Just as each handprint is unique and there are billions of people, so each one of us has something uniquely ours to contribute to life. Life itself also longs for this union, reunion actually, and its completion depends on us finding ‘our voice’, gradually coming to know ourselves and our place in the vast scheme.

This talk explores our search for meaning and purpose in life because mostly, despite years in education, we do not really know who we are, how daft is that and no amount of fame, fortune or success fills this void. The gentle way forward is simpler than expected as we find ways to “start the engine instead of pushing the car”. Together we share our vision for creating an enlightened compassionate, society? Right now our world cries out for this.

The future really is in our hands!

Mary Breach

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