Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020

yoga picture marianand

Transformation yoga & relaxation with Mariananda


This is a gentle class suitable for all ages and abilities and is open to children as young as five. Kids taking part in the class also receive practical “mindfulness for kids” training. Older people who have never experienced a yoga class can learn a greater understanding of their bodies and minds and find their general health improving, with regular practice. Students with less ability are also welcomed as transformation yoga can be adapted to focus on each individual, so students can practice in chairs if needed.

Mariananda teaches a gentle hatha yoga focused on spinal alignment and posture, enhancing physical flexibility and tone as well as mental relaxation and calm. As an experienced yogi who also teaches Pure Meditation (which includes the highest Raja & Kriya yoga) Mariananda works intuitively so that each person finds better balance and progress and a greater sense of self and body awareness. 


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