Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020

Suzanne Hammond

Suzanne Hammond - Vibrational Healing and Reiki


I graduated as a classical homeopath 11 years ago and homeopathy is my passion. It is a gentle and very effective form of vibrational medicine, healing on the physical, emotional and mental levels. A few years after graduation I moved from treating classically to combining homeopathy with radionics which greater results. I now douse my remedies and make them on the spot with the use of a frequency machine. I do full consultations or also vibrational assistance using colour remedies, crystal remedies and flower essence remedies, the flower remedies, in particular, being my favourite to work with.

I began Reiki training almost 20 yrs ago and graduated to Reiki Master within 6 yrs and I have been practising on and off in that time.

I currently work from Scarrif, Co. Clare, but I work long distance with clients as well through email or Whatsapp. I am presently working on a website.

Contact: 0834084778 -

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