Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October

Violeta’s Wellness Center - Violeta Pserackaite


Hello there! My name is Violeta and I’m a founder of Violeta’s Wellness Center.

Over my lifetime I realized that I feel the Joy of being a woman after effective therapy, treatments or consultations. It’s mutual, as a therapist I love working for people as it opens chances for me as a professional to develop further. Each person is unique, so each treatment or therapy or consultation is unique. That’s the drive for my business future development.

For 26 years I am practising healthy eating and a vegetarian diet, learning how different diets, detox diets, and fastening can affect my body. There is no morning that I would miss my walk and meditation. Often I do my routine just before the sunrise.

In my everyday life, I am using natural and eco-friendly products. I have a strong position, that in my business I use as much as possible natural and eco-friendly products. Every step towards a healthy lifestyle brought more joy as my quality of life have been improving year by year, decade after decade. Today I can enjoy swimming and cycling that was prohibited for me at childhood.

I work for people who appreciate the professionalism and holistic approach to therapy and treatments. For those who understand that body, mind, and spirit are connected. My treatments are well planned according to my client’s needs, timetables and personal lifestyle. So I can state that I work for people who do not like to waste their time and energy on something unknown and rather, like to target their problems, needs or wants there and now, and seek professional advice or treatments.

Also, I work for people who do like to have continuing communication personally tete-a-tete or in the groups. People who would like to develop their knowledge in body care, weight loss, nutrition and diet, essential oils and other holistic treatments, such as colour therapy etc.

And lastly, for the people who are open-minded and do not afraid to cross their personal boundaries.

For more information please visit Facebook: Violeta's Wellness Centre​

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