Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021





Life Balance is a portable wellness device intended for the effective control of parasites, for body detox and the prevention of many diseases.The device transmits electromagnetic waves whose frequencies resonate with those of various pathogenic microorganisms thus killing them. Most important these electromagnetic waves are absolutely safe to the human body, have no side affects and can be used by people of all ages. Life Balance comes with 71 basic programs to which more can be downloaded so as to suit the individual’s health problems and is best used in conjunction with The Life Expert device.

Life Expert Profi is a web-clinic device. Within one minute of using it you can generate a report based on a scan of 47 organs and systems in your body. This report will tell you a multitude of things about your health such as:

The efficacy of medicines you are taking;
Any food intolerances you may be suffering from;
Determination of the physiological age;
Automatic composition of the individual complex for Life Balance;
Selection of preparations and products through the virtual container;
Selection of preparations through the virtual container (ever-growing database);
* If any cosmetics you are using are causing you allergies.

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