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william disdale

William Disdale


Originally from the UK, William's background is in science, engineering and mathematics and he gained a PhD in mathematical simulation in 2007. It was about the same time, he started on his spiritual path via synchronicity, coincidence and magical realisation, which ended up proving the inspiration for writing his debut novel, This Soul'd World: The Rise of Consciousness.

The novel is allegorical and is written in tribute to the awakening process through metaphor and symbolism. Unlike non-fiction books about the awakening process and spirituality, This Soul'd World doesn't tell the reader what to do, or how to act in order to inform about the reality of the spiritual realms, but more encourages the reader to imagine the journey of the main character, Callison Trebla, which naturally summons up similar emotions to awakening.

The story has been independently published by the author and has so far been received positively, both from those for whom spirituality is a central part of their life, but also by those who have not yet considered a non-religious notion of their spirituality and consciousness.

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