Cork City Hall|12th & 13th October

Working on your pattern of the consciousness

Working on your pattern of the consciousness to a Happier and calmer you - Rainer Puehringer


Yuan Qigong has a deep understanding of how important a calm, relaxed and natural state is and is working on maintaining it during your daily tasks and work. Keeping this beautiful state will not only affect you but also ripple effect on your surroundings, friends and family. 

Ren Xue (Life Cultivation) is the Foundation of Yuan Qigong and looks at improving all levels of life and uplifting it. The Patterns of consciousness are working on the root level of disturbance. Identifying this disturbance and changing the way we look at it will uplift and improve our whole life. 

During this brief talk, we will identify the 10 fundamental Patterns

Gaining a better understanding of one of them (eg pattern of fixed expectation).
Finding the right tools for how to work and uplift it or change it.
Using a deep meditation and talking to your own True Self to find the root cause of it and start changing it.

Rainer Puehringer

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