Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Yoga Therpay

Yoga Therapy: What and Why - Laura Murphy


Laura will discuss the main differences between Yoga Therapy vs attending a standard Yoga Class, describing the main underpinnings of how she approaches Yoga Therapy with a client. She will also talk about The Minded Institute's 8-Week Course in Yoga Therapy for Stress, Anxiety and Depression, which is coming to Ireland for the first time.

She will teach one or two simple techniques to help those who experience stress, anxiety or depression themselves, or who care for those who do. This will illustrate how carefully prescribed yoga and mindfulness practices impact the nervous system which can calm an overactive sympathetic nervous system, and also gradually improve our internal environment as well as our resilience to the external environment.

The Minded Institute approach to working with clients with trauma will be discussed, giving an overview of the role of breath, body and mind to help integrate traumatic experience in the nervous system and to mindfully reassess sensate triggers. Advances in neuroscientific research and current psycho-therapeutic paradigms underpin this meld of modern sciences with ancient knowledge from yogic and Buddhist traditions.

This newly emerging field of therapy is quickly gaining global respect, with public health systems in Canada, the UK and Sweden, already referring, and even prescribing yoga therapy for mental and physical health conditions. Curious? Come along.

Laura Murphy

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