Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021




Fragrance fills Indian ashrams because it opens up the meditative mind and has an immediate effect on the nervous system. It is this tradition of using fragrant herbs and plants for mind-body wellbeing that yoga teacher and Yogandha founder, Sinead, is reviving.

She spent three years meditating and blending on the wellness goals of her students to create the range. It was three years of herbal trance and the products are unlike anything else. They are complex and deep and Sinead likes to think that through deep meditation, she was able to allow a force to work through her, allowing the herbs to be synergized in the way they wanted to be.

She dearly hopes that yogandha oils will bring daily self-connection and calm into the lives of all they touch. She is very proud that the oils are now multi-award winning, though nothing is as important to her as having an deeply positive impact on your wellbeing, bringing moments of calm self-connection every day.

We do it because we believe that the ancient ritual of Gandha can bring mind and body wellbeing to all. And, we believe that a stronger mind-body connection is fundamental to the wellbeing of our people and our planet.

We do it because humans share 60% of the DNA of a blade of grass, and we humans have forgotten this. Daily use of sacred herbs, resins, and plants, reminds us of this truth at a deeply subconscious level, reconnecting us with ourselves, with nature, with each other, and with our planet.

We do it because the herbs inform our lives at multiple levels, in ways that are deeper than we can understand, and they confer on us an intuition that we really dig.

We do it because of all these deep benefits, but also because the herbs make us really happy straight away. We like that too.

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