Cork City Hall|16th & 17th October 2021

Eilish Murphy Cork Mind Body Experience Presenter 2019

Eilish Murphy - Positive Life Coaching


Eilish is now a Life Changing Coach. After living through abuse as a child carrying the feeling of worthless on her shoulders through primary school. Eilish struggled in her teens turning to alcohol, drugs, homelessness and even self-harming. This cycle continued into early adulthood where she got into abusive relationships and she felt her life was falling apart.

Eilish knew deep down that there had to be more to life and turned to counselling and self-development to try and drag herself out of her reality. Eilish decided to study counselling as all through her life people came to her for advice which she found easy to give. She was constantly looking for easier ways to be happy and fulfilled.

Even though all this made a huge difference in Eilish’s life she felt it all took a lot of time and moved slowly while she had to keep going back over the past living it as if it was still happening today.

Eiish found Emotional Freedom Technique which opened up a whole new world of energy work. She found a way to move forward without delving into the past again and again. She became an Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner and worked with amazing people like Brad Yates.

As she kept on looking to grow as a person, Eilish found new ways to improve her life. One day she was given a present of a book called “The Secret”. There was a man in this book called Bob Proctor who captivated Eilish imagination. She took a year-long course with him and decided she wanted to meet him. Against all odds, Eilish went to Toronto his hometown and studied with him and Sandy Gallaher, then onto LA to work with Bob and Mary Morrissey. Eilish was creating her life now the way she wanted it.

Now Eilish works in the job of her dreams, sharing her knowledge with others and helping them do just what she did and change their lives for the better.

Eilish’s message is "From where ever you are now, you can get to where you want to be".

Eilish has been there. She can see things from another's viewpoint and she knows what it takes to turn your life around. You deserve to live a life that when you are on your death bed you will look back not with regret but with pride and contentment.

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