Cork City Hall|17th & 18th October 2020

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Zen Wise Guru - Feng Shui Master


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A Real Feng Shui Master is rare. A Great Feng Shui Master is rarer. In the old days, they have been the teachers and advisers to the emperors and kings of China. ZenWise has guided many, many students and clients consciously and concretely realising a more fulfilling life.

What Are My Clients Saying

“In October, she was offered a great job, which she loves. Her health has also shown signs of improvement. Thank you Master ZenWise for that practical solution which has brought great benefit to my daughter.”

“I had financially my best year since I started my business 15 years ago. Also, my health took a turn in the right direction which was more important so thank you for that.”

“The work started to flood in. I am now having a very restful sleep. The work has been regular and ongoing. In my profession, work like this is quite hard to come by."

“Well, what can I say except hoorah and ten thousand thank yous!!! We just won €10,000 on a lottery scratch card!! We made the changes to our property as per your guidance.”

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 Master ZenWise

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